Friday Feature - Vendor ACH Pre-note

I love electronic billing and payment. All of my bills are received and paid online. No mailing! If my kids need money, I send it via Zelle. So, I was thrilled when we introduced the ability to send ACHs to vendors.

We have had this ability on the payroll side for a long time, but more recently, we introduced it to the Finance side. And, even more recently, we introduced the ability to send a pre-note to those vendors that are setup for ACH. What a great way to ensure that everything is correct and in working order! Check it out.


With a click of a mouse, you can create a pre-note file for every vendor on the list that is set up for ACH with a bank account number. Seriously, one task does it all. For your convenience, the generated file has the same name as your ACH file, but with "_prenote" appended to end.

Of course, this task is available in both the Finance and Payroll Vendors activities. Fantastic!

Friday Feature - See Also

Happy new year! I am such a fan of new years that I celebrate both calendar and fiscal! I love new years because they give you a fresh start. I took advantage of that this last weekend and made updates to the documentation. First, I linked every reference to templates to the Online Resources - Templates page so that you can get to the template quickly. Second, I continued on my project of adding "See Also." Check it out!


When you click on the See Also, you see a list of related Friday Features.


Now, I must admit, I have not entered every one of the almost 500 Friday Features into the documentation, but I am working my list and you can expect to see more of this throughout the year.

Here's to wishing you, your family and friends a very happy new year.


Friday Feature - Don't Roll Forward that Calendar

Last week, we went over the Roll Forward Calendars task. This week, let's talk about how to keep a calendar from rolling forward. Why? Well, let's say that you have a calendar set up specifically for vacancies. You wouldn't necessarily want that to roll over from year to year. Or, say the speech therapist calendar is changing and will no longer be different than the teacher calendar. Another good example of a calendar ending.

In these cases, you would tell Escape Online NOT to roll forward the "old" calendar. Check it out!


This flag is fantastic. You don't need to do anything else. The calendar will not copy to the next year. 

Friday Feature - Rolling Forward Calendars

To prepare for this Friday Feature, I took a gander at a list of calendars for a LIVE database. For 2017/18, there were 39 calendars, which is a middle-of-the-road number of calendars. Some districts have more, some have less. But, no one wants to copy all of those calendars!

So, Escape Online has a roll-forward option for calendars (just like accounts and positions!). 


With one click of the mouse, you can copy all 39 calendars (or however many you have). Voila!

Of course, you still have to verify the dates on the calendar. But, you could automate the dates too, using the handy dandy Copy flag in the calendar.

The Roll Forward Calendars task is a great time saver! Stay tuned next week when I tell you how to NOT copy a calendar.