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Friday Feature - Show Me the Videos

I know that when I am trying to figure out something (like how to refinish a table), I like to watch a video. I am not special in that way, most people like a nice video to help them. And, we like to create videos here at Escape. In fact, we have well over 100 videos to help you get the job done, everything from a 1-minute video on date mnemonics to a 2-hour video on finance cascading logic.

With so many videos, we thought it would be a good idea to put them all in one place so you could pick and choose. That place is the Videos option in Online Resources. Check it out!


The Videos page was launched in the summer of 2018 and contains all videos, including webinars, Friday Features, and user conference shorts.

Friday Feature - Mass Change Addons

Who doesn’t love mass changes? They are so efficient. Productivity hounds unite! We have been adding mass change activities and tasks regularly over the years. In our latest release (18.03), we added mass change tasks for employee addons (pay that is not associated with a position). This brilliant idea came to us via Fairfield-Suisun USD and Monterey COE, but they were not alone. We discussed their idea at one of our Collaboration Days and everyone got in on the specification action, including Alameda COE, Cupertino USD, Marysville JUSD, Redding SD, Sacramento City USD, San Joaquin COE, Santa Barbara CEO, Solano COE, Sonoma COE and Tehama CDE.

Check out what all these deliberations produced!


Just like other mass change tasks in Employee Management, you create the list and then you choose the task that makes the most sense for your job: adding, ending and deleting addons. Escape Online prompts you, asking if you want to work on the batch update right now or wait for later. Either way, it creates the batch right then and there.


Then all you have to do is fill out some defaults (or make one-by-one changes - your choice). This new feature makes updating employee addons easy.

Remember, you can only delete addons that have not been paid.