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Friday Feature - Employee ACH for AP Payments

Now, everyone knows that Escape Online processes ACH for payroll, but what you may not know is that now we also process ACH for AP payments to employees, using the same ACH setup record. Check it out.

First, you have to turn on the AP ACH processing. To do this, flip the AP ACH Option flag in the Organization record. (Actually, you probably want to enter a few more fields, like prefix and email setup, but we will talk about those fields next week.)


Then, flip the Use for AP ACH flag in the Employee record.*


It is so easy, built on setup that you already have defined for sending employee paychecks via ACH and sending vendor payments via ACH.

Friday Feature - Seeing AP Payments in the Employee Record

In our latest release (18.04), we added some great new features for linking AP Payments to the Employee record. First, we added the ability to reimburse employees through travel and conference requisitions (stay tuned for a series about T&C reqs in March). Then, we added visibility to those payments in a new read-only AP Payment tab in the Employee record. But, the best part of the adding of the AP Payment tab wasn’t just that you can see NEW payments to an employee, but that you can see PAST payments to an employee. All the way back to your implementation. Check it out!


As you can see, there is a payment on the list that was made in 2012! Stupendous!

What is even more incredible is that the AP Payment tab is a smart tab, only displaying if there are payments to be displayed. Of course, this is read-only. You cannot go in an edit these payments. While this screen shot only shows payments in the Paid status, HR and Pay users will have visibility to all statuses (Open, Submitted, Approved, Processed, Check Pending, Paid, Denied, Cancelled, Audit).

This is going to be a great time saver. If you get a question about “pay” from an employee, you have all the information you need to help them with an answer!

Friday Feature - 10 Year Anniversary

Recently, I was asked what my favorite projects were at my many jobs over the years and the Friday Feature was at the top of the list. When Bob Towery, founder of Escape Technology, first suggested that I blog every Friday, I was a little bit scared about the commitment and a little bit dubious that I would have something new to say. Every. Single. Week.

Yet, here we are today, 10 years later, and Bob was right! I was up to the task and so was Escape Online. As of today, there are 487 Friday Features, posted every Friday that the company is open, without fail. Neither rain, nor shine, nor vacation could stop the unlimited number of features being blogged!


I spent some time thinking about which two were my favorites and I narrowed it down to my second Friday Feature about search favorites and the one about automatic savings via the ACH tab in the Employee record (which is very timely as now my children are getting married and those saving buckets are really coming in handy).

But what about you, our customer? What are your two favorites? Well, it looks like you all like automation as much as I do. The budgeting for vacancies is number one with 850 views with employee alerts coming in a close second.

A couple of years ago, we introduced short videos to the Friday Feature and it has been a big hit. Then, we reorganized the Online Resources – Video activity to include everything from these two-minute videos to Terri’s hour-long webinars. It has over 120 videos, ranging from a 1-minute video on date mnemonics to a two-and-a-half hour video on Escape basics. Spectacular!

Over the years, many of you have entered comments, which I love, especially when you are helping each other, collaborating with your fellow readers! It is very rewarding to know that people think the features are as fantastic as I do.

Thank you for reading the Friday Feature. I hope it has given you as much surprise and pleasure as it has me.

Friday Feature - Filtering Payments for Reports

Last week, I mentioned that you can use credit cards for payments, showing you how that works on the Process Checks list. This week, I would like to turn to reports, where filtering payments is an everyday occurrence. Let’s talk about that payment I was sending to an employee for reimbursement for per diem and mileage at a CASBO conference. Check out the parameters I might want to use on the Check Register (ReqPay04) report.


So many options! The Pay To lets me choose between Employee, Payee or Vendor. Of course, I selected employee because I was reimbursing an employee. The Payment Method lets me choose how the payment is made. In this case, I paid the employee via an ACH.

These two parameter options (in addition to the Source, which lets you select between AP and Employee sources) will really focus the report for reconciling payments.

These parameters also apply to the Cancel Check Register (ReqPay09), County Check Register (ReqPay94) and County Checks Issued-Cancelled (ReqPay95) reports!