An Exciting Future

By now you’ve read that Bob is retired, Ali has joined the company, and Chad and I are still enjoying working at Escape. In September, I’ll hit my 10-year anniversary at Escape and I’ll forever be grateful to Carole Williams for inviting me to come to the office for an interview, and to Bob, Chad and the rest of the team for including me in such a great company 10 years ago. It’s been an amazing ride, working with such a wonderful team to become #1 in California!   

Like Bob mentioned in his blog, it’s been a busy 11 months evaluating and selecting a partner for our next phase - not something to be taken lightly! But, we knew things were right when we were introduced to Alpine Investors and Ali. Our partnership with Alpine, and the appointment of Ali as CEO, is an enormous opportunity for both Escape employees and customers. Ali’s experience and impressive track record will help us take our organization and product to the next level and I’m honored to be able to work alongside him for the next phase of my career.  

I spoke with nearly every customer on the phone last week for a "pre-announcement" and was struck by the positive responses and compliments everyone provided. Like me, every customer is very enthusiastic for what the future will bring. We appreciate all the support and assistance you have provided in getting us to this point and look forward to an even more exciting future together.