AP Certification at San Joaquin COE

Let me introduce you to the newest members of the AP Certified group!

The happy group of newly certified San Joaquin County Escape AP users!

The happy group of newly certified San Joaquin County Escape AP users!

A HUGE thank you to Ed Babakhan, Division Director for hosting this event and for all everyone at San Joaquin County Office of Education, Information Technology Department for helping us set up the training lab and making sure all of the attendees had all their needs met! Such an awesome group of people!

This class was different because this was the first class where all attendees were from the same County Office. On the last day of the training several users told me that they learned SO much that they can’t wait to get back to their districts and try the new features like, Payment Transactions at the their office.

While we were there, the Escape AP users created their very own AP email User Group. They’re going to share information with each other about how they will start using the Travel and Conference order type!


As a trainer, it’s so rewarding to me when I see users get excited about saving time and being more productive.

Here’s what two attendees had to say:

Good information that was presented well. Terri was a great instructor, both entertaining and informative.

Very informative training. Great class and great trainer!

Time is running out for you to get your AP Certification Badge and Certificate! There’s just a few more classes being offered. Be sure to check our website to find a class near you or click here AP Certification Open Classes.