AP Certification at Yuba COE

What a great time we had at Yuba County Office of Education! We now have lots of new AP Certified users!


What a great group from Yuba and Colusa COEs. A special thanks to Angela Kerwin, Fiscal Services, Yuba COE for hosting the class and for making sure everything was set up and ready to go before we got there!  

We really had a terrific class! Everyone was eager to learn new tricks and new activities. Plus, we got to hear from users that LOVE using the Payment Transactions activity. I learned new ways of doing things myself, like this tip from Angelina Guizar, Accounting Specialist II – Business Services, Colusa COE: She creates a batch each week and adds payments to it all week. When she’s ready, she posts her batch to submit her payments for approval. Then, she goes to see each week what she’s done. I love it! Thanks for sharing, Angelina!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Our customers are the best! I learn so much from them, but they also learn a lot from this course! Here’s what two of them had to say about the training:

Love Terri! The certification course was very informative and she kept it fun!!
- Shelly Arrenquin, Accounting Technician at Marysville JUSD  

Terri was a great teacher, made the class fun and interesting!!
- Angelina Guizar, Accounting Specialist II – Business Services, Colusa COE

There are still a couple of spots open at a county office near you! Check it out, and I hope to see you there!