BE2018 - Finance Fiscal Session

I am so excited about the user conference this year (register now!). We have almost doubled the number of people that can attend. We are going to be at the Sheraton downtown, one of my favorite locations. And, we have added a bunch of new sessions, like the Finance Fiscal session!

This session is going to be presented by Arin Simonyan, Manager of Escape Finance; Kathy Carlson, Escape Project Manager; and a customer, who will provide a customer showcase. Brilliant!


This can't-miss session is going to give you a sneak peek at the new travel and conference requisitions, which are coming out later this year. 

Kathy and Arin will also present the newly introduced fixed asset automation, showing you how if a line item has a particular account (based on setup), the item will be auto-marked as an asset. 

As if that wasn't enough, Kathy and Arin will also review the ACH setup for vendors and present a customer showcase on SACS reporting, including SACS supplemental reports.

For more information about sessions, visit our Beyond Escape User Conference Sessions page.

TWEET THIS:  I'm going to the Beyond Escape User Conference! @escapetechno 

TWEET THIS: I'm going to the Beyond Escape User Conference! @escapetechno