BE2018 - Turn Back the Clock Retroactively

Oh, if only we could turn back the clock. I would look like a 27-year old! Barring time travel, Escape Online's retro activities are the next best thing. So, I am super excited to announce the new Retroactive Changes session at our user conference (register now!). 

This session will be dedicated to everything retro: from accounts to payroll to retirement. You will get an up-close and personal look at the new Addon Account Retro activity and the known and loved Position Account Retro activity.

Arin Simonyan, Finance Manager, and Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Manager, will guide you in calculating retroactive pay changes, backdating assignments, and adjusting retirement lines. You will be an expert, ready to make the changes you need with confidence! 


If you are a payroll user, this user conference and this session is designed just for you! For more information about sessions, visit our Beyond Escape User Conference Sessions page.

TWEET THIS:  I'm going to the Beyond Escape User Conference! @escapetechno 

TWEET THIS: I'm going to the Beyond Escape User Conference! @escapetechno