BE2018 - Reports Make the World Go Round

Escape Online has over 650 reports and that doesn't count any of the custom reports that your organization has added to the mix. And, we come out with new reports with every release. In a nutshell, people like reports. They like them a lot! That's why at this year's user conference (register now!), we will be having a Report session on each day. 

While each day will be slightly different (focusing on Finance or HR/Payroll reports, respectively), both days will give you a great foundation for running reports that will dazzle the world and your colleagues. You will walk away with a deep understanding of the standards for defining report criteria and the multitude of options for publishing the report, including paper, email, and spreadsheet.

Terri Hammond and Kathy Carlson, two of Escape's most extraordinary report experts, will be on hand both days. Their expertise will become your expertise in this out-of-this-world session! 


If you are a new user or if you want to up your game in the report arena, this user conference and this session is designed just for you! For more information about sessions, visit our Beyond Escape User Conference Sessions page.

TWEET THIS:  I'm going to the Beyond Escape User Conference! @escapetechno 

TWEET THIS: I'm going to the Beyond Escape User Conference! @escapetechno