Beyond Appetizers, Not Just Appetizers!

At Beyond Escape User Conferences, we think that after a full day of learning and discussions, there should be time to unwind, get to know your fellow conference goers better and have a bit of fun. So, Escape Technology hosts Beyond Appetizers between the first and second day of the conference. It’s also the perfect time to network! Don’t just take my word for it, though…

The best place to network is at the Beyond Escape user conference. Escape’s employees make you feel welcome and you’ll find them introducing you to others like family. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and be re-assured you’re doing tasks correctly. Also, as you wander during the session breaks it’s a great time for connecting with others alike. The appetizer night is truly “beyond” for also meeting and exchanging with your peers.

- Brenda Herrill, Nevada CSOS

Photos from Beyond Appetizers 2015-2018

Photos from Beyond Appetizers 2015-2018

Be sure to register soon for Beyond Escape User Conference in either Sacramento or Santa Barbara. Remember, you can only get the early bird discount through July 31st!