Over 600 Users Attend Beyond Escape 2017

We had an amazing time at Beyond Escape and hope every attendee did too!

Once again, Team Escape pulled out the stops to produce an incredible event with great connections, learning opportunities, memories created, and laughs shared. In Sacramento, we welcomed over 370 users, then a little over a week later, we welcome over 260 users for a training in Ventura COE’s conference space. (Watch for upcoming blogs about the Ventura COE/Santa Barbara CEO training.)


Let’s recap. Why not? We would love to do it all over again! (And, we will next year.) 

Meet the Experts was the first of its kind. We had many people take advantage of some one-on-one time with Escape Customer Care. It was wonderful to meet and speak directly with you, showing you the software, and discussing your specific questions. 

Beyond Appetizers was a touchdown! We all had a great time. After some appetizers and drinks, we had a blast taking selfies and playing football indoors! 


Finance, HR/Payroll and Employee Online Portal sessions were jam-packed! The turn out was phenomenal. We had so much information to share with you. And, you gave back. We walked away with tons of great ideas for new features, tweaks on existing features, and follow up on more trainings. The feedback from the sessions hit the spot. You all learned so much! We look forward to your attendance at upcoming webinars, where you can ask and share even more.

Beyond Escape Conference Follow Up pages are now live! See photos, get more info, and find out the answers to the dozens of It’s Your Conference questions.

Remember, if there are any sessions you’d like to look over again, the link is in Escape Online 5 under Online Resources – Webinar Information. Also, browse through conference photos on our Facebook page, and feel free to tag yourself! Send us any conference photos you may have. We’d love to post more!


Thanks again for a great conference! We’ll be announcing next year’s location and date as soon as possible!