Beyond Escape 2018 Follow Up

The Escape staff was friendly and helpful. Your registration, in the beginning, couldn’t be smoother, great job! I love the positive energy the presenters shared. I really liked the fact that you had note takers and that every question got an answer or resolved. The humor in the videos was my favorite touch. I really enjoyed Margie who sat at our table the first day for lunch. She is not only informational, she is attentive and fun…..Margie was also one of my favorite presenters. Thank you for the evening get together. It was nice to mingle with other attendees, the food and drinks were awesome!

Once again, we had a great time at our User Conference, meeting with customers, getting to know them, answering their questions, listening to their feedback and imparting as much information and fun as possible.

For those of you that asked questions at Table Talk, the follow up Q&A is now posted, just like we do with webinars, in the same location where you downloaded your slide decks. In addtion, any presentation that was updated has been refreshed on the download page:

  • From the User Conference option of the Jump Start menu in the documentation.

  • From the second tab of the Videos activity in Online Resources (18.03).

  • From the Webinars activity in Online Resources (18.02).

We also wanted to share some photo galleries with you.

It was very organized and a lot of FUN! I would attend again :) Thank you for all the great information and making learning enjoyable! Until Next Time...
This is probably one of the best conferences that I have attended. The presentations were fresh and easy to follow. Really liked that the presenters had experience and could answer most questions that arose from the information. I would like to see the portal information earlier but it was great information and very well presented. Arin, Kathy and Elen were awesome and presented great practical information that I had not heard before and have been using Escape for almost 5 years. Awesome Beyond Escape. Thank you!
As always, very well done. Great session topics. I appreciated the time for questions in each session. The FCMAT presentation was a nice addition and it was well done, but a little long since it doesn’t really pertain to the software. Lunch was wonderful. A lighter breakfast selection choice would have been nice - it’s hard to eat a whole apple when you are networking, cut up fruit is the norm at most workshops. ;-) T-shirts are great! Nice color and soo soft. Looking forward to next year!
Really enjoyed the conference. Lots of great presentations. Only wish that some of the breakouts I really wanted to attend weren’t at the same time. Food was great, hotel was great, everyone from Escape so accessible and helpful! Loved the bacon shrimp and the info on new Report Pos20!!!
Beyond Escape opened up so many opportunities for me to explore other financial reports that I’m not utilizing yet as well as understand HR/Payroll/Finance functions much better. I LOVE how the Escape crew members are so friendly and know how to have FUN. It’s great to connect with other Escape users and hear what they’re doing in their district/COE.
I thought this was a great opportunity to network, and I felt like I learned a few new things, which is great!

What great fun and learning! We look forward to seeing every one of you at next year’s Beyond Escape User Conference.

Leslie BaileyComment