Butte COE Core Purchasing Training

Everyone knows that I love going to our customers' site to do a training! This time I was lucky enough to go to Butte County Office of Education in Oroville. They are so nice and fun to work with. I had a great time!

We spent the day learning about the Department record, Vendor record, and entering Vendor Requisitions. These users are quick at picking up the tips and tricks we discussed. I loved how, by the end of the day, some users were entering the ‘VR’ quick start to jump right into the Vendor Requisition activity. My little heart skipped a beat.

This group is also embracing going paperless! Yes, you heard me right, EMBRACING! I have to admit that I was thrilled! These users couldn’t wait for me to show them how to add attachments. They were thinking of all the ways to fully use the software to save time by eliminating filing and increasing security with user permissions for confidential information! Kudos to my new friends at Butte County Office of Education!

Are you looking for ways to become paperless too? We have the perfect session for you at the 2017 Beyond Escape User Conference. Check it out!