Come Sit at the Round Tables at Beyond Escape 2019

Last week we talked about one of the big changes in this year’s Beyond Escape 2019 User Conference – Escape University - one of the two new tracks we’re offering besides the larger General Sessions. This week, let’s review Round Table sessions, the other type of smaller sessions that require registration.


What is a Round Table?

It’s a small group conversation that is limited to 30-60 participants, depending on the location. There is a variety of topics for Escape Round Tables:

  • General Finance Processes

  • COE Discussion

  • Tech Best Practices

  • MYP Budgeting

  • Seniority (Setup, Management & Reporting)

  • Third Party Interfaces

  • Retirement Reporting

  • Benefit Management

Remember, seating is limited in Escape Round Table sessions and you must register to attend them. Details on all sessions is provided on the registration site, so be sure to review the session topics before you register! Agenda topics offered in Sacramento and Santa Barbara are the same, so choose the location that best suits you!

To view the entire two-day agenda, click the location link you are interested in attending above. Once at the site, click on the Agenda menu choice in the top left side of the screen. Then, view Day 1 and Day 2 agendas separately by clicking one of the dates at the top of the screen.