Easy Online Shopping Installation

The family of vendors supported by Escape Online Shopping has grown! When we initially launched the Online Shopping feature in version 16.2, the only vendor you could shop with was Office Depot. Now you can add Amazon, School Specialty, and Frey Scientific to that list.

To assist with adding and maintaining this plethora of vendors, we have created a handy Online Shopping installer that will set up new online vendors, as well as edit already existing ones if necessary. This means no eye-crossing editing of a lengthy and complicated config file.

If you are interested in joining other customers in shopping online via Escape Online with any of these mentioned vendors, contact your Finance support rep and they’ll help you get started. You will need to create an account with the chosen vendor and acquire some important information from them that will then be input into the Online Shopping installer once you’re ready to begin (your rep will give you the details). 

Stay tuned, as we are still adding online shopping vendors; rumor has it that next up is Give Something Back!