Email PDF Reports in Escape After Windows 10 Update

There were many new enhancements to the Windows 10 operating system in the Fall Creators Feature Update. Unfortunately, one issue was discovered in regards to the ability to email PDF reports from within the Escape Document Viewer application.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader and various Microsoft Office applications also exhibited the same issue. 

If you are running Windows 10 (version 1709 or greater), and nothing happens when you select the email option for a report or document, follow the steps below to correct it:

  1. Close all Microsoft Office applications that are open on your PC.
  2. Open the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features and scroll down to Microsoft Office in the list. 
  3. Once you have Microsoft Office highlighted, right click and select ‘Change’ from the options. 
  4. Once the Microsoft Office application launches, click ‘Repair,’ then click ‘Continue’ to repair Office. A progress bar appears that shows the repair progress. (The repair process may take a few minutes.)
  5. Repeat the steps in #2-4 above for the Abode Acrobat Reader.
  6. Repeat the steps in #2-4 above for the Escape Document Viewer.  Here you can either choose to repair or you can uninstall the application and it will install the next time you launch Escape Online 5.