Employee of the Quarter: Patrick Kinsella

We’re excited to announce our first ever Employee of the Quarter here at Escape! Our 2017 1st quarter winner is Patrick Kinsella. Patrick is a developer on the HRA/Custom Product Area Team and has worked with Escape since May 2013, when he started with us as a Data Technician. Patrick is quick to smile and has a soft spoken manner that we love. He strives to ensure he understands what the customer wants and needs and makes it happen.

First a little background. Employees nominate other employees based on our company values: Education, Solutions, Caring, Adaptability, Passion and Expertise. When nominating an employee, the person nominating must cite specific examples of how the employee demonstrated behaviors that support those values.

Patrick was nominated for Solutions, Caring, Adaptability, and Passion. His nomination included the following example.

Patrick worked late with me to resolve an issue with a customer’s payroll. He was patient with my questions, reviewed the custom code, and helped resolve the issue. This is the norm for Patrick. He’s always willing to help and strives to make the best experience possible for our users. He also works directly with customers with ease.

We asked Patrick to share a few things with us.

Why do you love working at Escape?

The People (Escape Team and Escape Family). They are passionate and involved.

What kinds of things are you involved in outside of work?

The majority of my time outside of work is spent being a dad. It’s a somewhat new activity (19 months) and I’m getting better in an imperfect kind of way. When I’m not engaged in family time, I can be found working around the house or exercising.

What’s your personal motto?

To not believe everything that I think.

Any other thoughts to share about being nominated or any other topics?

I love the traveling trophy and look forward to passing it on, with the hope that the next person enjoys it as much as I have.

Congratulations, Patrick! We’re fortunate to have you as part of the Escape Team.