Employee Online Portal: Introducing Two Factor Authentication

Escape is committed to protecting employee data. In our June release of the Employee Online Portal, we have included an additional level of security by using two factor authentication (2FA) during the login process. Even though it is called two factor, there are three factors that can be used to authenticate:

  1. Something you know (ie password)
  2. Something you have (ie cell phone)
  3. Something you are (ie fingerprint)

2FA uses any of the two factors defined above. Escape has implemented ‘Something you know’ and ‘Something you have.’ (We will not be scanning your employee’s retinas just yet.)

Just like many of our features, we allow options: you can configure to the level of secureness with which you are comfortable. This is an opt in feature, so by default it will not be enabled. You can find the detailed configuration possibilities in the Employee Online Portal User Guide that was distributed with the June release.