Employee Online Portal Timesheet Enhancements

Ever had a paper timesheet get lost on someone’s desk? If it has happened in your district, you are not alone. Now we have you covered with online timesheets. In the latest release of Employee Online Portal Version, we added several new features requested by customers to enhance the timesheet functionality. Enhancements in this release include:

  • Support for both hourly and daily types of addons and leaves
  • Implement work activity and location as an option for the employee to specify more detail on what job they were doing and where
  • Allow employees to enter future leaves on timesheets
  • Allow location administrators and supervisors to update timesheet accounts
  • Allow the supervisor to print the timesheet report
  • Provide a new search on the supervisors list of timesheets
  • Support a supervisor signature to timesheets
  • And a new more intuitive look
2018-08 Timesheet Blog.PNG

For more information about this release, check Online Resources - Portal Release Information in Escape Online 5.