Employee Online Portal User Flexibility

Yesterday, we released the Employee Online version 16.02.02. There were quite a few updates (see the release notes in Online Resources), but the most exciting was the flexibility we built in for employees to define their username/email.

In the Escape Online System Setup, system managers can use a new parameter to define the username login option. This new parameter includes options to allow users to redefine their email address and/or redefine their username.


In the Employee Online portal, users can use the Settings activity, as you see above, to change their password and/or personalize their username and/or email.

This great new feature was requested by Solano COE, because, as we all know, employees often move from district to district or from a district to the COE, prompting a work email change. With this new feature, the user can have a consistent login as their career path changes and advances.

Thanks Solano COE for the great idea and for considering the needs of your employees!