Employee Termination Checklist

We are nearing the end of the fiscal year which means we may need to end an employee’s employment. There are a number of steps you need to take to properly end an employee’s employment record in Escape Online. We have a basic termination checklist in our documentation as a guideline, but every customer will tailor their list to meet their needs. Melissa Truelock, Director of Personnel at Calaveras COE, shared her checklist with us. She said the Personnel and Payroll departments collaborated together to come up with this list. Kudos to them, because we think it is beautifully organized!


In her checklist, she mentions the Termination Date field. You can find this field under Section 8 on the Employment tab in the Employee Management activity. This date is extremely important, as it affects quite a few different items/calculations in the software such as: 

  • Experience Yrs
  • Hire Date
  • Base Date
  • Permanency Date
  • Seniority Date
  • Rolling forward assignments 
  • ACA load process
  • Reports

Another field in this section is the last Paycheck Date. If someone pays this employee after the last paycheck date it will generate a FATAL error. This is a great safety net if someone accidentally forgets one of the checklist items such as ending the pay cycle. To find out more useful tips check out our documentation!