Escape Online, Release 19.01 Is Now Available

Escape Online, Release 19.01 is now available. This release is full of some popular productivity improvements and two brand new features that everyone is going to love!

New Features

We have two great new features in this release. Everybody is going to be excited about site-based budgeting and capped leave balances! We also have another mass change activity for employee benefit providers.

Site-based Budgeting (Allocation of Funds)

We have spent the last year or so working with customers to develop a feature set that would allow budget analysts to push out the data entry for discretionary funds. Now, with three new activities, budget analysts can define and manage site user allocations.

  • Funding Groups - Designate the filters and components that will define the allocation account groups that users can modify in the Budget Allocation Entry activity.

  • Budget Allocation Management - Manage the allocations by opening and locking data entry. Direct edit list for budget analysts.

  • Budget Allocation Entry - Enter the amounts or FTE for the budget allocation line item. Dedicated activity for site-based users and budget analysts.


Capped Leave Balances

Now, you can set up leave balances to be capped by other leave balances. This gives districts the ability to define secondary (dependent) leave balances that cannot be greater than a primary leave balance (e.g., PN is capped by SL). The setup in the Leave Balance Profile is super easy and we provided transparency in both the Leaves tab and the Leave Transaction activities.


Productivity Improvements

New features are always great, but getting the most out of current features is a bonus, too! Here are some highlights from the 19.01 release.

Invoice Sort Order

Now, you can define the sort order for printing invoices. We have added a Print Invoice Sort Order field to the Department record so you can define the print order for invoices. What a time saver! Plus, we added a read-only field to the search page, providing visibility to the sort order defined.

Addon Goals

Now, you can define an earnings goal in an addon. Earnings goals are an automatic method of stopping an employee’s addon pay once a specific amount is reached for a specific addon. Districts use addon goals to control the amount paid for stipends, benefit payments, longevity, etc.

Portal User Search

So many customers are using the Employee Online portal that they need a better way to manage all of those users (thousands upon thousands!). That prompted us to convert the Portal Users activity to a search/list/form. Now, you can search for portal users and review them from a list.


While we were making it easier to manage your users, we took the opportunity to improve the visibility and access to portal user information in the Employee record. Now, organization managers can re-enable an employee's portal login from the Employee record using a new task!

Keep the Comments Coming

We want to thank all of our customers for their input for this release. Almost three dozen separate customers helped design the fixes and features of release 19.01, in particular Alameda COE, Alameda USD, Butte COE, Calaveras COE, Chico USD, Fairfield-Suisun USD, Imperial COE, Lake COE, Marysville JUSD, Mendocino COE, Modoc COE, Monterey COE, Moreno Valley USD, Nevada CSOS, Oakland USD, Placer COE, Redding SD, Rio Hondo CCD, Rocklin Academy, Sacramento City USD, San Joaquin COE, Santa Barbara CEO, Santa Rosa Junior College, School Business Unlimited, Shasta COE, Solano COE, Sonoma COE, South Orange CCD, Tehama CDE, Ventura COE, and Yuba COE.

Even if your organization isn’t on this list, we still salute you. You contribute every day through your support, collaboration and dedication to school business!