Escape Online, Release 19.02 Is Now Available

We are happy to announce that Escape Online, Release 19.02 is now available. This is a compact release with lots of report updates and some especially nice features. Check it out!

New Locking Payroll Logic

With the help of you, our customers, we made some great tweaks to the payroll locking logic. First, to make it easier to understand, we moved the Lockout All task to be BEFORE the Submit All task.


Now, just as you wanted, there are power-payroll activities that CAN MAKE CHANGES to a locked payroll, like:

  • Adjust Payroll

  • Additional Pay

  • Additional Contrib/Deduct

  • Timecard Assignment Adjustment (import)

  • Leave Transactions

  • Leave Status Retro Payroll

And, then we made a change so that some activities CANNOT MAKE CHANGES  to a locked payroll, like:

  • Initiate Pay

  • Employee Management

Update to Budget Entry

Now, you can search for budget line items by funding group and entry type. Check it out!


Starting at the top of the screen highlighted in blue, we added a new Entry Type field with a lookup for every entry type you could want. AND, when you select a funding group, all of the components of the funding group are loaded for you automatically.

Moving to the fields highlighted in yellow. We moved the Restricted Accounts and Comment 1 and Comment 2 fields to the Accounts section to make the search more intuitive.

These changes should really help with those implementing Site Based Budgeting!