Escape Partners with Digital Schools

In July 2017, I announced Escape Technology’s partnership with Alpine Investors to focus on developing the most comprehensive school business software available, and to offer the best customer support in the industry, while increasing our leadership position in the Education Technology market.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we have taken a big step toward achieving those goals. Effective today, Escape Technology is partnering with Digital Schools. As you know, Digital Schools and Escape Technology frequently competed for customers. Rather than continuing to compete, we see great value in collaborating through a partnership as the best way to address the ongoing needs of our combined customer base - offering the best in school business software.


While Ali Jenab, CEO of Escape Technology, will continue setting overall company strategy, I will assume responsibility for the daily operations of Digital Schools, working closely with Sarah Beyne, CEO of Digital Schools, to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility. During the coming year, I will spend time getting to know the Digital Schools’ team, internal processes, and customer base. While working with me on the transition of responsibility, Sarah will also work closely with Ali on sales strategy.

We look forward to working together, sharing best practices and combining our respective skills and school business knowledge to benefit our combined customer base. As a team, we are committed to continuing to deliver the best products and services in the industry.

For more information, please see our communication to our customers and the FAQ.