Escape + PTM Document Systems = Time-Saving Form Processing

Escape Technology is excited about our new partnership with PTM Document Systems.  PTM, which stands for Print-2-Mail, provides check stock and pressure seal systems for use with payroll, accounts payable and year-end tax reporting forms, like W2s, 1099s and 1095s.


PTM provides both stock and custom laser print payroll and AP checks. They can also provide Advice of Deposit forms, compatible envelopes, employee tax/ACA forms & envelopes and Print to Mail™ Folding/Sealing Systems, and compatible PTM checks and forms.

In the past, PTM has worked informally with Escape regarding changes to our software and form compatibility. Now that we have a formal partnership, the collaboration between Escape and PTM will ensure compatibility between Escape Online and the PTM forms and sealers as there are changes to Escape Online.