Escape with a Book

I had two very annoying habits growing up: the inability to walk away from a bad book and a determination to read all books written by the same author. It took a few years of therapy from my persistent family and friends to help me snap out of this vice. I can’t say I am fully recovered but I’m more open to reading authors I’m not familiar with and less inclined to read the same author over and over again. My bolder, braver, wiser self will now not only ask for a recommendation, but will actually read the recommended book.  

So, I did a survey of Escapees to find out what books they might be buying/borrowing this summer. If you are a little like me and enjoy getting ideas for good reads from others, here are the results of the survey. I provided links in case you would like more info.  

Happily, I am not the only one who likes to read books from the same author. Two Escapees said that they would read:

Whether you like one author or a mix, why not give a try to something new this summer. Who knows, my bookworm friend, it may become your next favorite.