Escapees Give Back by Donating Source Plasma

Many of us want to donate to worthy causes, but sometimes it is difficult to fit into our schedules. Other times our desire to help is bigger than our wallets. Enter Terri Hammond, Escape System Trainer, who recently helped Team Escape find a way that all of us can help - on our lunch hour!

A couple of weeks ago, Terri arranged for all eight chairs in our local BloodSource plasma donation center to be reserved for Escape Technology. Then, with her energetic, cheerful way, she proceeded to encourage the team to donate. She explained how donating source plasma is very different than donating whole blood; that donating source plasma helps patients with a variety of neurological disorders, immune deficiencies, and bleeding disorders. In fact, the medicines that are made from source plasma can help people who suffer with more than 80 different diseases. For Terri, it’s personal – she has a friend who needs a medicine made from source plasma, and wouldn't survive without it.

Don’t know what plasma is?  Don’t worry, we didn’t either… It is the straw-colored liquid part of the blood that contains proteins, minerals, clotting factors and immunoglobulins. Source plasma is collected to help create lifesaving medicines for people with neurological, bleeding or immune disorders. There is a shortage of source plasma, and 65% of the world’s source plasma donations come from donors here in the USA.

Want to Know More?

BloodSource is a community-based, not-for-profit regional blood center, founded in Sacramento in 1948. There are many patient stories on the BloodSource website. Knowing that plasma donations are helping to keep patients like John Phillips alive, a teenager diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, makes us happy to donate. Plasma-based medication and healthy living have given Forrest Mounts, a normal life for the past 20 years. Thanks to Terri we have a new way to give back to our community.