Follow-up - Collaboration Day June 2019

Not all Collaboration Days are created equal, but they are all equally informative and they all foster communication among the Escape Family so they can openly share key information, discuss ideas, and open up about their concerns. 


Our June 2019 Collaboration Day focused primarily on four issues that are important to our customers:

  • STRS Pension Solution project update (presented by Susan Dickinson, Software Developer, Escape). Susan presented the new file layout, emphasized new records, shared proposed new fields needed in Escape Online.

  • Escape Online end user support (Stop/Start/Continue team exercise). In this exercise, customers formed teams of 8-10. Each team was requested to identify and share best practices in “start” and “continue” categories. Here are some of their findings for best practices:

    • Establish user groups

    • Hold one-on-one, hands-on work sessions

    • Organize collective webinar viewings

    • Schedule regular support calls with Escape

  • Timesheets in the new Employee Online Portal (presented by Tanya Karalets, Support Representative, Escape). Tanya presented the new timesheet types that would be available in the new Employee Online Portal.

  • Look and feel of our next-generation web-based product (presented by Jennifer Escamilla, Product Manager, Escape). Jennifer presented the Requisition Approvals activity which will be the first activity in Online 6. 

Janell Morris, Coordinator Payroll Services, San Joaquin COE presenting at Collaboration day.

Janell Morris, Coordinator Payroll Services, San Joaquin COE presenting at Collaboration day.

During the morning session, Marie White from Sonoma COE facilitated discussions on topics such as retroactively changing position and addon accounts using the Position and Addon Account Retro activities. Marie also presented Sonoma COE’s HRA workflow. Later in the day, Consuelo Prado from Fortune School of Education shared their process for rolling out the Escape Employee Online portal to their employees and provided a sneak peek of video tutorials they’ve created for their end users. 

During the afternoon sessions, Tanya and Jennifer of Escape Technology presented new product designs and gathered customer feedback. We are excited and fortunate to be working on our next generation product in a collaborative environment, equipped with feedback from our customers. 

We wish everyone an amazing summer and we look forward to future encounters with everyone at one of the Beyond Escape User Conferences in the fall.