Follow-up on v19.02 Release Review Webinar

I am so excited about Escape Online 5 and love how the Release Reviews are getting shorter and shorter! Have you noticed? Some of you have! The reason is Online 6 is coming SOON! Even with Online 6, Escape released some exciting changes in v19.02!

I love all the changes for the Payment Transaction activity! I love how fast the activity is now and how you can save as many attachments as you like to the activity! Check it out!

On the HR/Payroll side, we changed a lot of Leave reports to show the leave capping feature! I wanted to list them all but there’s so many reports that were changed, you’ll have to see them in the software or review the release notes.

While you were watching the release review, so was our HR/Payroll staff!


If you have pictures of you and your team watching the release review, we’d love to see them!

See you all real soon at the Beyond Escape User Conference! I’ll be attending both, in Sacramento and Santa Barbara. Sign up today and get in on the Early Bird rate!