Friday Feature - Account Roll Forward History Snapshot

Now that you have rolled forward accounts, it is time to check out how well the process went. As with all Escape Online processes, a history message is written, but customers found that there was too much information for mere mortals. So, a couple of years ago, we changed the history process and started writing a summary history message, like this:

33285 accounts rolled forward. 450 accounts not created - see history snapshot for details. SYSMGR 2/13/2018 12:32:40 PM

What a fantastic summary! For those that want to review the 450 accounts not created, we offer a History Snapshot for easy review. Not only does the snapshot have great info about why accounts did not roll forward, you can search it! So much easier! Check it out. Here's a sneak peek at a snapshot (remember, you can click on it to see a full PDF).

Notice how it lets you know why an account didn't roll forward:

  • Expired (the account itself, and the date it expired)
  • Component expired (which component type and the code)
  • Account already exists (manually created in future fiscal year)
  • Duplicate account conflict for when you are merging account components (e.g., for LCFF)

Nice! Take special note of the expired lines because next week we are going to talk about the magic of Escape Online logic for account expiration.