Friday Feature - Automatic Error Attachments

What kind of feature is automatic error attachments? Let me explain!

If you attach documents to Escape Online records (most of you do — with over 840,000+ attachments as of May 2018), and if you are like me — blazing through the software, making payments, attaching documents, saving, closing, moving on — then you are likely to run into an issue at some point during the attachment process. If there is an error because of my over-active typing, I may miss it. So, Escape Online slows me down for a second, displaying an error message, getting my attention so I can fix the issue I just created. Check it out!


Now that I know there is a problem, all I have to do is delete the bad attachment and re-attach the file I wanted. But, what if I wasn’t in charge of adding the attachment, like Cancel and Change Notices, which Escape Online attaches automatically? Well, Escape Online has me covered again! It is going to display a task on the Attachment tab of the requisition so I can re-create the attachment. (The task only appears when a notice is in error.)


That’s fantastic. I love that I can still work at a fast-pace, getting heads-up notices if I am going too fast.

We want to thank Santa Barbara CEO and SchoolAbility for working with us on this feature!

Leslie BaileyComment