Friday Feature - Budget Fields in Salary Schedules

Sometimes, you want to "test" salary schedule changes before you put them into place. So, in salary schedules, Escape Online has two columns: Salary Rate and Budget Amount. 


These columns are completely distinct. The Salary Rate is used for payroll processing and the Budget Amount is used for loading into budget. (Of course, you can load the Salary Rate, too!) Because the columns are distinct that means that you can edit them separately, copying one to the other and vice versa.


Once you have copied (either way), you can make mass changes to the salary schedules, trying out a variety of scenarios before committing yourself to a particular change. Amazing!

Once you have setup different Salary Rates and Budget Amounts, there are some great snapshots that you can use to compare the two. I will talk about those next week. Then, when you are fully satisfied, you can make your changes for payroll processing, which I will also talk about in the coming weeks.