Friday Feature - Budget Model Extract (Budget50)

Last week, Terri had her annual Interim Budget webinar. During the webinar, she talked about the Budget50, an amazing report. The reason it is amazing is because it lets you work your list in Excel, slicing and dicing your way to a flawless budget.

For example, say that you are working your substitute and extra pay numbers. You could export those amounts by object code and create pivot tables, bar charts, pie graphs, whatever your heart desires. Check out this example of how to fill out the parameters.


There are two highlighted areas that I want to call your attention to. First, is the Object parameter. Here I am using wildcards to tell Escape Online that I want all accounts that have an object that starts with 1 and ends with a 1 or 2 (1**1, 1**2). Then, I do the same for all objects that start with 2 and end with 1 or 2.

Second, I want to call your attention to the Columns parameters, where I get to define extra columns for the export to Excel. In this instance, I want a column for object 1110, which is used for substitute teachers, and a column for object 1120, which is used for teachers with extra assignments.

When it comes to double-checking your amounts and creating a flawless budget (or at least as close as you can get), the Budget50 is the report of choice.