Friday Feature - Budget Model Extract (Budget50) -- Follow Up

Last week, I wrote a Friday Feature about the Budget50. Well, my partner in crime (and work!), Terri Hammond - Training Manager, thought I should also talk about the export option that matches the import file because in her words, “It is super cool.” When Terri thinks something is super cool, it is. So, here we go!

Let’s use the same example as last week: you are working your substitute and extra pay numbers. You want to make sure that ALL of the sub and extra pay is in the budget, and if it’s not, you’re going to create an import file to import the data right into the budget model.


So, what changed on the screen capture above? Two things.

  • Columns parameters. They do not apply to the import file, so you can get rid of them. (Honestly, you can leave them because Escape Online is going to ignore them because they don’t apply to the sort option we are going to select. So smart!)

  • Sort option. Actually, the screen capture doesn’t show it, but there are four sort options. You would need to select the Import option.

    • Detail

    • Summary

    • Position Summary

    • Import - Choose this one!

There you have it. Terri is right as rain. This is a super cool report, making exporting and importing budget numbers super easy.