Friday Feature - Calculating Budget Projection Years

Multiyear budgeting is complicated, so we have automated some of the tasks for you. In particular, I would like to show to you the Calculate Projection Years and Calculate Projection Years Beginning Fund Balance, both of which are now available from the Perform Change task (as of 19.03) with the ability to filter by account components. Check it out.


The Calculate Projections Years task is super handy when you have changed setup (such as contributions, vacancy assumptions, salary schedules, and bargaining units). Using this task, Escape Online rereads all system setup and recalculates the projections for the account components specified. So, if you change a contribution, with a click of the mouse, you can recalculate the amounts for EVERY account with that component. Now that’s automation everybody wants.

The Calculate Projection Years Beginning Fund Balances is the same as the Calculate Base Year Beginning Fund Balances task but for multiyear models. It is truly a time saver. With a click of the mouse, Escape Online calculates and creates one starting balance budget line item for each projection year for each fund/resource/project year that exists in the base year, except for accounts with a resource that does not allow an ending balance. AND, if you do this more than once, Escape Online creates new budget items for the difference between the existing starting balance and the recalculated value for the projection year, keeping all changes straight and in the History record for easy reference!