Friday Feature - Canceling Recurring Invoices

Over the years, I have written extensively about recurring invoices (creating, customizing the invoice date and copying). With year-end approaching, I wanted to touch on canceling.

Sometimes, life changes. For example, the Girl Scouts find a different venue for their meetings and you need to cancel their current invoice and all future invoices. Escape Online automates this for you. Check it out.


When you cancel an invoice, any invoice, you will be prompted to confirm you want to cancel (1 in the graphic above). But, if you cancel a recurring invoice, you will get a second prompt to cancel all FUTURE invoices (2 in the graphic above). This gives you the option of canceling a single invoice in a set of recurring invoices or canceling all future invoices. Nice!

If you say yes to the "future," all related invoices with an invoice date later than the date of the invoice you are canceling and in the same fiscal year will be canceled. You're done! 

Of course, all the "regular" rules apply: the invoice that you are canceling has to be in the Open or Printed status, never been accrued and no receipts entered. And, of course, history records will be written documenting the canceling of the invoices. Fantastic!