Friday Feature - Creating Travel and Conference Requisitions

In 2018, we introduced travel and conference requisitions. In reality, they are supercharged vendor requisitions. They are defined just like vendor requisitions, as you saw in last week’s Friday Feature, but they have the ability to create payments to multiple vendors AND employees. Mostly, the requisition is entered as line-item account distribution, but you can enter accounts in the way that is easiest for you.

The line items are where the requisition switches into high gear. Each line item represents a separate element of the travel and conference, like you see below.


To create a travel and conference requisition, the requisitioner selects one “main” vendor (e.g., the conference vendor). Then, the requisitioner uses the line items to spell out the rest of the travel requirements. To give you a better understanding, check out the screen capture below. It has four line items. Two are for vendors: one for the conference vendor (Escape Technology) and one for the hotel vendor (Sheraton Grand). Two are for the employee (one for per diem and one for mileage.


It is so easy, using all of the knowledge you already have creating vendor requisitions. Next week, I’ll show you how easy it is to create the payments for travel and conference requisitions. Stay tuned!