Friday Feature - Employee Follow Ups

There is a new "See Also" feature in our documentation that links to Friday Features. You can see it in the help for the Role Matrix, Employment tab, and other topics. I am rolling this out gradually, topic by topic. Reviewing each page to see what Friday Features apply. Well, I was working in the employee documentation and I noticed that while I have several Friday Features about alerts, I don't have any about their companion and best friend, follow ups.

So, let's talk about follow ups because they are pretty darn cool. We have customers using them in several ways:

  • ACA tracking of employees who have been hired and left and hired and left and hired.
  • Automatic evaluation notifications
  • Reminders for HR personnel

For example, say you have certain teachers that are re-evaluated 90 days prior to year end to determine if employment should be continued for the next school year. 


There are two triggers for a follow up: the date and the user to notify. As you can see here, on April 1, 2019, Henrietta is going to get a notification letting her know that she needs to make a decision about continuing employment for the following school year. Also, notice the Recurring field. Henrietta is going to get this notification every year on April 1. Nice!

But, what if you don't want to alert one person in particular, you want everyone to know? We have you covered. You can set up a more generic follow up: one that does not send a notification but puts a "notification" on the Employee Management list. In that case, all you have to do is set the Follow Up date. 

Either way, the Employee Management list will show an F for follow up and if the user hovers over the F, the user will see the follow up.

Follow ups are a nice alternative to alerts for important information that should not stop pay or any other processing.