Friday Feature - Employee Online Portal Dashboard Messages

This is the last Friday of the fiscal year, so I would like to take a moment to reflect. I think one of the best changes we made this year was the new look of the Employee Online Portal. We use a portal for our paychecks at Escape Technology and I love it. Always available! I can login at any time. The same is true for employees using the Escape Online Portal.

In our last release, we added a feature that allows system managers to post a message on the dashboard of the portal. This is fantastic.


You can change it any time. You can set it up in advance with date parameters. You can say whatever needs to be said (up to 1,000 characters). It is so easy to set up. Check it out.


This message is by organization, too. So that means if you are in a COE implementation, each organization can create its own message for its own portal, allowing for district control of employee messaging. The activity is available to Org Managers, System Support and System Managers.

Maybe you will want to change your message to Happy New Year!