Friday Feature - Employee Union Information (Employee22) report

AB 119 requires schools to provide union representatives with employee information for new employees (within 30 days of hire or the first pay period of the month after hire) and for all existing employees (every 120 days). So, with the help of Calaveras COE and Santa Rosa JC, we created the Union Employee Information (Employee22) report. Check it out.


Look at all of these great parameters. This report covers both new employee reporting (generally, on a monthly basis) and ongoing employee reporting (at least every 120 days unless negotiated).

You can select multiple bargaining units, define dates (with seven options, including hire, base, and anniversary), and assignments (or not, for non-positional employees). You can also control the display of emails and birth dates. Amazing!

You can run a paper (PDF) report or export to Excel. The choice is yours.

Finally, let me remind you that this report honors the employee opt-out flag to determine who and what should appear on the report. This is important because the employee has the right to determine how their information is used.

Once again, Escape covers the regulatory requirements of school business with the help of our customers. In addition to the timely input of Calaveras COE and Santa Rosa JC, we made updates based on requests from Santa Barbara CEO and Chico USD. Thank you, one and all!