Friday Feature - Event Notifications with Workflow

Four years ago, I wrote a Friday Feature about using workflow to notify users about "events" that occurred to a requisition. Well, so much has happened since then, I thought I would bring you up to date with all of the new events you now have at your notification-fingertips! (We also added journal entries to the document type, but more about that another week.) Check it out.


Look at all of those "other events!" Amazing! What this means is that you can send a notification to Department Managers when an original PO is emailed. Or, you can send a notification to a Category Manager when a requisition is submitted with insufficient funds for their program. Or, you can send an email to the IT Department if a requisition is created but the matching fixed asset is not. Or, you can send an email to the originator of the requisition that line items have been received. The list is endless!

This really brings the customization of your business processes into the review and approval of the requisition process. Fantastic!