Friday Feature - Get Your Approval On

Remember, way back, when you used to have to walk around to find the requisition, payment, or journal entry to see who had approved it and who had not? Well, now that everything is electronic, what do you do to figure out who approved what and where is it in the approval chain? The answer is run a report!

Escape Online has several reports that let your fingers do the electronic walking:

  • Payment Approval Aging (ReqPay24)
  • Requisition Approval Aging (ReqPay10)
  • Journal Entry Approval Aging (Fiscal32)
  • HRA Approval Aging (HRA01)
  • Approval Statistics (Fiscal30)

You know me: show me everything in one report. So, obviously, my favorite is the Approval Statistics (Fiscal30) because you can see every approval for budget revisions, budget transfers, COE journal entries, district journal entries, department requisitions, stores requisitions, vendor requisitions and work orders. See what I mean?!

 Click the report to see it in a PDF.

Click the report to see it in a PDF.

For grins and giggles, I ran the Fiscal30 for my birthday last year to give you a taste. You can see that payments, budget revisions, and vendor requisitions were all approved on my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

The Fiscal30 is a summary, whereas the other reports give you the down-and-dirty details of the approval process as the document winds its way toward completion. 

All of these reports are an excellent complement to electronic routing, giving you the insight and transparency you need to manage all of your documents.