Friday Feature - Ledger Closed Notification

Now is the time where the ledger is closing for the last fiscal year and communication is the key, but how do you make sure that everyone that needs to know actually knows? Escape has got you covered.

In our latest release, we added a warning on the Year End Closing activity so that all users are in-the-know, whether they check their email or not.


As soon as you (or the system manager) enters a date in the June Close Date in the System-Setup-Fiscal Year Status activity, the next time someone opens the Year End Closing activity, they will see a small warning sign on the fiscal year.

If you click on the warning sign, you see the popup notification, like above. Not only will you know that the ledger is closed, you will know the date the ledger closed - vital information for year end closing! 

But, what if you didn't close and reopen the activity, how will you know? Well, if you somehow miss this warning, Escape Online will put whatever journal entry you are trying to process on hold and write a message to the history record of the Fiscal Year Status and the journal entry, letting you know after-the-fact.

What a great way to keep everyone on track during a time of year that has so many competing priorities.