Friday Feature - Managing Temporary Credentials

Last year a lot of teachers were hired, many with temporary county credentials (TCC). Managing the credentials requires excellent reporting. So, it is no surprise that last year, we made some fantastic updates to the Board Report of TCC Issues (Cred95).

Lake COE, Solano COE and Nevada CSOS all contributed to the update for this report. 

Check it out. This report gives you a lot of flexibility. You can export it for mail merges for letters to your TCC holders. (You go Lake!) For privacy, you can show/hide the last four of the employee's SSN on the report. (Thank you Solano!) 

The really interesting option, though, is Nevada's suggestion to include the notepad. They use the notepad to detail why the temporary credential was issued and provide that information to the board. Terrific transparency!

Thanks to all our users and all California teachers!