Friday Feature - Mass Change Employee Benefit Providers

As you know, we have been adding mass change activities and tasks regularly over the years. The most recent addition is for adding, editing and deleting benefit provider records in Employee Management. All you have to do is create a list of employees and select the task you want.

  • Edit - A great way to end records. (You can only edit the End Date, Coverage Begin Date, and Coverage End Date.)

  • Add - A great way to add records.

  • Delete - Oops. It happens every now and then, where you need to delete a lot of benefit provider records that just don’t pan out.

  • Copy - Use the Edit and Add on the same list!

Check it out!


Just like the other mass changes, you can set defaults (like begin date and provider), but the beauty of the mass change for employee benefit providers is the ability to change providers and levels on the fly. That’s where the majority of your work is done! Check it out.


With a direct edit list, all you have to do is make a change, arrow down, make a change, arrow down and so on and so on.

This is a great way to updated ACA opt-out, too. Benefit enrollment season has never been so easy!