Friday Feature - Notification Settings

Everybody has their own workflow. There are some things I like by email, some by IM, and some either way. Escape Online has the same concept with My Settings, available from the Action menu on the Home Page. 


The email address comes from my user record and the defaults are defined by the system manager, but really the settings are up to me. So, you can see that I have some messages go to the message center and some go to email and some go to both!

For example, approvals are important and time sensitive, so I have that notification set to email and message center. That means that if I am in the software, I get the message in my status bar. If I am not in the software, I get an email message. Perfect!

For reports, it's a different story. I want my reports, but I don't need to be interrupted to get them. 

Here's a quick rundown of what each option entails.

  • General Notification (e.g., changes to the status of a document, change notices for a requisition, changes made to a document while it was in the Submitted status)
  • Report Notification (e.g., report has completed, been run for you, forwarded to you, a scheduled report completed)
  • Approval Notification (e.g., approvals from requisitions or other documents)
  • Other Notification (other types of notifications)
  • Error Notification (e.g., an HRA posting error like trying to create a position change HRA with a date prior to the last payroll locked in)

Isn’t it cool that I can be so specific about what I want and how?