Friday Feature - Opting Out of the ACA

Now is the time for hiring employees. That means that you are setting up their benefit records. That also means that you need to provide an option for opting-out of medical care for ACA reporting. Escape Online allows you to do this easily and keep track of previous selections for historical purposes! Check it out!


See how the employee has an OPT OUT provider AND historical records for 2011-2018, 2010-2011, and 2007-2010. This is precious!

Having this information in the Benefit Provider tab of the Employee record gives users quick visibility to the selection. In addition, as I said, it also provides visibility to employees changing their selections and then wondering why something on their pay or 1095 has changed. For example, if an employee previously opted out and changed their mind, you can see that on the Benefit Providers tab. 

Note, the provider does not need to be named Opt Out. It can be named whatever works best for your organization. The only caveat is that the "provider group," which you cannot see here, must begin with the letters OPT. Using a group for the management of this allows you to create several opt-out providers. For example, some customers create an opt-out provider for part-time employees and another opt-out provider for full-time.