Friday Feature - Reporting Costs for CMAA

For over seven years, Escape Online has had three options for reporting the costs for administering County-Based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (CMAA):

  • Medi-Cal Administrative Activities Extract (Pay52), which creates a simple summary report or an expanded Excel spreadsheet with columns containing pay detail. 

  • Medi-Cal Administrative Activities Reimbursement - Salaries (Fiscal54), which selects journal entries based on transaction date, including (or not) assets and liabilities.

  • Medi-Cal Administrative Activities - Other (Fiscal55), which focuses on costs that are not related to salaries or benefits.

While all three of these options have stood the test of time, we recently added a new SACS parameter to the Fiscal54 report that I want to show to you. It is really a great new feature and I would like to thank Sonoma COE for asking for help on selecting objects, functions and resources.


The new SACS parameter gives you the flexibility you need to group the data on the report either by district or SACS codes. Thanks Sonoma COE!