Friday Feature - Rolling Forward Calendars

To prepare for this Friday Feature, I took a gander at a list of calendars for a LIVE database. For 2017/18, there were 39 calendars, which is a middle-of-the-road number of calendars. Some districts have more, some have less. But, no one wants to copy all of those calendars!

So, Escape Online has a roll-forward option for calendars (just like accounts and positions!). 


With one click of the mouse, you can copy all 39 calendars (or however many you have). Voila!

Of course, you still have to verify the dates on the calendar. But, you could automate the dates too, using the handy dandy Copy flag in the calendar.

The Roll Forward Calendars task is a great time saver! Stay tuned next week when I tell you how to NOT copy a calendar.