Friday Feature - Searching for Adjustments Only

People are complicated. And, that makes payroll complicated. Escape Online setup handles the majority of pay with ease, but there are simply too many people and too many variables for a payroll to be run sans adjustments. 


That means that searching for adjustments is a very important part of your payroll process. So, Escape Online gives you a way to filter your adjustments.

This flag allows you to search for adjustments from payroll setup or search for only those adjustments that you made for this payroll.

For example, if you have a CSEA dues deduction defined in an employee's payroll setup, that is what we like to call an on-going adjustment. You don't have to set it up for every payroll, but you may want to search for it. In this case, you would set the Deduction Adjustments Only flag to NO.

Conversely, if you have to enter a CalSTRS refund for a pay date, we call that a pay date specific adjustment. It is a one-shot deduction that you are not going to make again or, if so, very rarely. In that case, you would set the Deduction Adjustments Only flag to YES to focus your list on only those pay date adjustments.

That makes life a little less complicated.