Friday Feature - Travel and Conference Requisition Setup

I promised back in February that I would write a series on the new Travel and Conference requisition feature. So, let’s dive into this three-part series where I will describe the setup, requisition and payment structure for these requisitions. First, the setup! It is so easy. Check it out.


This is a screen capture from a LIVE database. Customers were so excited to implement these requisitions, we already have several using them!

The first thing I want to point out is the green highlight. The Order Type for travel and conference requisitions is 5. As a reminder, there are 5 types of requisitions:

  • 1 - Direct Pay

  • 2 - PO without Receipts

  • 3 - PO with Receipts

  • 4 - Blanket

  • 5 - Travel and Conference

Mostly, you can mix and match these in a single department, but the logic for travel and conference requisitions is so specific that we recommend that you create a department just for those requisitions. So, you can see that there is only one Order Type filled in.

The second thing I want to point out are the fields highlighted in yellow. Travel and conference requisitions are powerful tools, you will want to make sure that approvals are required, and thresholds for allowed changes and account filters are applied. Granted, that is pretty much what you would want to do for any requisition type, but I wanted to reiterate the importance for T&C requisitions.

And that’s it. The requisition is now ready to be used! Next week, I’ll show you how easy it is for anyone to fill out one of these requisitions and then the week after that, I’ll show you how easy it is to pay.

Stay tuned!