Friday Feature - Vacancy Only Calendar

Sometimes you want the setup to default and sometimes you don't. The perfect example of this is budgeting for vacancies. It is so complex and everyone does it differently. 

So, we created a flag that gives you control over how calendars default into assignments and budget vacancies, eliminating HR users from accidentally assigning the wrong calendar (because it was a default), while allowing budgeting users the freedom to have calendars for vacancies.


The Use for Vacancies Only flag in the Job Category setup record affects how the calendar flows into assignments. (It is available in the Job Class, too!)

  • If you set the flag to YES, the calendar (CL 180 in the screen capture) will NOT default into assignments.
  • If you set the flag to NO, the calendar will DEFAULT from the job category to the job class and into the assignment.

Of course, our cascading logic allows you to override what is set in the job category at the job class level, providing even more flexibility and freedom.